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So I did get to only 1 of the endings, but the characters are so damn cute I just don't have it in me to go for a bad end xD

This was really wholesome! Loved the artstyle, the color palette was very warm and cosy, and the character sprites have this almost analogue look to them which works very well with the backgrounds. I also liked the touch of the phone being the UI at the start, it's a very immersive opening!

Okay, so this game was pretty fun! I've tried every choices and it showed a lot of character information. The endings were were really nice, especially the art. This was good!

Can I translate your game into Russian?


Oh  my gosh this was amazing! The beautiful artstyle, the striking design and the fun dialogue really gelled together well. Definitely looking forward to any future releases.

( also appreciated the utena refrence,  glad someone's keeping gay nerd culture alive.)

The art style & UI were both extremely beautiful. Was a joy to play, thank you.

Thanks so much for your kind words!

I love this a lot! I really enjoyed how you learn more about the characters through all the different choices. Normally I avoid bad endings because I just want everyone to be happy, but the consequences were really interesting! The PDF was also great to read through - seeing the evolution of all the character designs was really cool!

Thank you so much for playing our game and reading through the PDF! It’s really great to hear that you got to enjoy endings as well.


i love this so much, and i can relate a lot to alex, i too tend to dish out relationship advice a lot

anyway, this is so beautifully made and im glad i found it!

Thank you so much for playing our game! Alex is a favorite among the characters and we’re glad to hear that you’re able to relate to them.

I enjoyed this a lot! I love the art and characters, also that bad ending hurts a lot...... and I know this isn't a VN where you date people yourself, but it's a crime that y'all made Alex this hot??

Few people have apparently explored both endings, especially the bad ending, so we're so happy you got to experience it! And don't worry, we thought Alex was criminally hot too. Blame our character artist Stace.

I loved it so so much! It was very short, yet super sweet! My personal favorite was Malinder, since the repression of her magic could symbolize a lot of different things for a lot of different people.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the game! We love that you love Malinder and recognized the theme through her!

Holy moly, this was short and sweet, and I'm left wanting even more! The artwork and backgrounds are fantastic and have a lot of color and detail. I really like the way you stylized the UI elements as well! The characters were very enjoyable, Alex being my favorite. I appreciate the more subtle design choices as well such as the sound design and how it played into the characters personalities as well as the maniuplation of text speed for certain parts of the game. (Play the game yourself to see how this works!) I played the game and recorded my commentary and gameplay. Keep up the fantastic work!

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Hey thanks for playing and reviewing our game, we're glad you liked it so much! We all just watched this together and really enjoyed your video. As for more background on Alex, you can check out the bad ending (or the PDF) ;)

From POM: "Hey I did the backgrounds. Your compliments meant a ton! Kan helped me with the props on the last three shelves in the main room. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you... thanks for comparing Mal to Sasuke. I decided that Sol is like Naruto & Alex is like Kakashi."

From xed: "Thanks for noticing the sound design and text speed stuff! Those were the most fun for me to implement."

edit: the team also wants you to know that we've been in talks about potentially continuing the project! We don't know what shape or form that will take, but it might be happening™

Thanks for the reply(s)! Glad you enjoyed the video! Looking forward to whatever you guys put out! :)